Cadet Chain of Command

The COC can be a useful resource if you're looking for who to report to in succession if you have a question.

Deputy Commander for Cadets (CDC)
2Lt Cynthia Olson

Cadet Commander

C/1Lt Katie Olson

Cadet 1st Sergeant

C/SMSgt Kristin Worth

Cadet Deputy Commander

C/2d Lt David Petzold

Alpha Flight Commander

C/CMSgt Hunter Ruhl

Alpha Flight Sergeant

C/TSgt Connor Schwab

Tango Flight Commander

C/SMSgt Isaac Duerr

Tango Flight Sergeant

C/Tsgt Abraham Berg-Arnold

Cadet Aerospace Ed/O-Flight Officer

C/1Lt Tanner Ziwicki

Cadet Logistics

C/A1C Caleb Larson

Cadet Head Public Affairs NCO

C/SMSgt Lauren Staup

Cadet Assistant Public Affairs

C/TSgt Alayna Schwab

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