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Squadron Stats

Cadets: 38

Seniors: 29

Wing Stats

Cadets: 708

Seniors: 814

National Stats

Cadets: 27991

Seniors: 38098

About CAP

The Civil Air Patrol (CAP) is a Congressionally chartered, federally supported non-profit organization that serves as the official civilian auxiliary of the United States Air Force.  


CAP is a volunteer organization with an

aviation-minded membership that includes people from all backgrounds, lifestyles, and occupations. It performs three Congressionally assigned key missions: Emergency Services, which includes search and rescue (by air and ground) and disaster relief operations; Aerospace Education for youth and the general public; and Cadet Programs for youth from ages 12-20. 


Congratulations to the following on their recent promotions and awards:

  • Cadet Preston Thielen - Promoted to Cadet Senior Airman.      Awarded the Curry Ribbon.

  • Cadet David Petzold - Promoted to Cadet 1st Lieutenant.

  • Cadet Caleb Larson - Promoted to Cadet Airman 1st Class.      Awarded the Arnold Ribbon.

  • Cadet Benedict Dvorak - Promoted to Cadet Airman.            Awarded the Curry Ribbon.

  • Cadet Benjamin Glaser - Promoted to Cadet Major.

  • Cadet Connor Schwab - Promoted to Cadet Senior Master Sergeant. Awarded the Doolittle Ribbon.

  • Cadet Lauren Staup - Promoted to Cadet Senior Master Sergeant.  Awarded the Doolittle Ribbon.

  • Cadet Caleb Fisher - Promoted to Cadet Staff Sergeant.        Awarded the Wright Brothers Ribbon.

  • Cadet Preston Thielen - Promoted to Cadet Senior Airman.    Awarded the Feik Ribbon.

  • Cadet Tobias Dvorak - Promoted to Cadet Senior Airman.      Awarded the Feik Ribbon.

  • Cadet Wyatt Salzer - Promoted to Cadet Airman.                Awarded the Curry Ribbon.


The St Cloud Composite Squadron would also like to extend a special congratulations to the following Members:

  • Cadet 1st Sgt Kristin Worth - Recognized for her service as the Squadron Cadet Advisory Counsel Representative. Cadet Worth was awarded the CAC Ribbon.

  • Cadet Senior Airman Tobias Dvorak - Awarded the Recruiter Ribbon for his efforts in recruiting new members to CAP.

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